Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Salakot Waterfalls-Napsan-Palawan

Off the beaten track off the south highway from Puerto Princesa, Palawan. The falls are lovely, raw and no services are available. They have improved the road very much since we started going there 4 years ago. Most of it is paved now but still some rough spots. Turn right coming from Puerto Princesa City Center, at the sign pointing to Napsan turn right and go in about approximately 30 kms.

You will pass many beautiful pristine forested areas. After the 2nd large bridge you cross, start looking on the right, it's an obscure wooden arch sign that says "Salakot Falls". They don't keep it up and sometimes there are large road working machines by it. Don't be alarmed. Once you go inside it's really beautiful. There is a rock path to the left of the old  dilapidated foot bridge, carefully take that to the falls. It's just a short walk to the falls from the road, maybe about 5 minutes.

2nd pool at Salakot falls and river
Clear, cold water. Depending on the season. In summer you can see the fish and feed them too!

Main swimming pond at Salakot river
When it's really hot, I like to head there with a pic nice. The water is clean and very cold, so it's very refreshing.

Please take out any trash you bring and if you can, please remove the trash you find there as we do, to be responsible eco-tourists.
The signage outside Salakot falls...easy to miss!

A tree on the road to Salakot falls
Salakot waterfalls. You can climb the rock face and there is another part of the river to enjoy.
Sakakot waterfalls - Napsan - the water is pure and clean and very cold!!!!

Salakot waterfalls

Beautiful scenes on the way to the falls.

On the way to the waterfalls, beautiful tree covered hills.

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