Thursday, August 30, 2012

Digisit Beach- Baler- Aurora

Digisit beach with the Aniao islets and Dimadimalangat islet - Baler, Aurora
Photos by Jobert Abiva - all rights reserved

Information about Baler, Aurora here:

Other parts of Baler. Waves for surfing and what sunsets!


The rugged and steep slopes of Sisiman
Photos by Jobert Abiva

Tabyo River Bagac-Bataan

Tabyo River Bagac-Bataan - All photos by Jobert Abiva-2012

Information about Bagac, Bataan:

Tabyo River Bagac-Bataan

Limutan Waterfalls Bgy Binukawan Bagac Bataan

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Limutan Waterfalls - Bgy Binukawan, Bagac Bataan
Photos by Jobert Abiva 2012

Apparently quite a hike to get there; about 2 or 3 hours off the beaten track, and also apparently well worth it. Enjoy the beauty of the Philippines!